secret_vision (secret_vision) wrote in series_contest,

Challenge #41 - Legend of the seeker - Winners

Finally the winners! Some ties couldnìt be broken xD

First place [tie]: midsummerly + sallyna_smile 
Second place: russian_hotness 
Third place: midsummerly 
Best colouring: russian_hotness 
Best cropping [tie]: flameloving + cardboardcornea 
Most creative [tie]: russian_hotness + flameloving 
Mod's choice: akkas_journal 

Congratulations guys! The winner icons are really stunning :)
Who wants a banner please leave a comment!

This shoud be midsummerly 's turn for banners, right?
I also noticed two previous challenges still miss banners (my fault!). akkas_journal, can you please cover the 90210 and triangle challenges? Let me know! :)
Tags: challenge #41, legend of the seeker, winners
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February 6 2010, 14:42:00 UTC 7 years ago Edited:  February 6 2010, 16:16:43 UTC

OMG! Thanks for Mod's Choice, bb!

Oh, and I'd like a banner, please. ^_^

Yes, I can cover them. ^_^

....ANNNNNNNNNNND, banners done! Posted to the people in comments, as I don't have posting access. XD;;
YOU'RE AMAZIIIING! they're all beautiful!!
my newest hero xD <3
Aww, shucks. XD


I love your icon, OMG! :D
sorry it took me so long, but here's your banner :)

Thankyou! It's lovely. ^__^
congrats to all the winners :)
and yay thanks for 1. and 3.!!

i will make the banners as soon as possible for the guys who want one :)
Oh. Wow. Thanks everybody. And congrats to the other winners.

I would love a banner.
sorry i'm so late!

Um, that's not my icon. Mine's the feet one.

oops, i'm so sorry!!

thankyou! :) I'd love a banner ♥
sorry i'm late! here are your banners :)



thankyou! so lovely!